NCCC Wall of Fame

NCCC Wall of Fame

Class of 1978

Rick Ackerson (Men's Bowling)

Patrick Lewis (Men's Basketball)

Willie Moore (Wrestling)

Bob Sanders (Wrestling)

Loretta Young (Women's Volleyball)

Class of 1987

Kim Alvord (Women's Bowling)

Dan Bazzani (Men's Basketball Coach)

John DeLorenzo (Wrestling)

Rick Hockenos (Men's Basketball)

Roy Sommer (Athletic Director, Men's Basketball Coach, Men's & Women's Bowling Coach)

Class of 1992

Eric Knuutila (Wrestling Coach)

Dr. Ernest Notar (NCCC's First President)

Alan Shug (Men's Basketball)

Class of 1993

Laurie Marvin (Women's Bowling)

Jon Roth (Baseball & Men's Basketball Coach)

Class of 1994

Becky Heuer (Women's Cross Country)

Class of 1995

Anne Edwards (Developed Athletics at NCCC)

Class of 2000

Chris Thomas (Men's Cross Country)

Class of 2001

Kristen Drabbyk (Women's Volleyball)

Mark Jurek (Wrestling)

John Albert Young (Men's Basketball)

Class of 2002

James Reese (Men's Bowling)

Bart Rojek (Men's Bowling)

Steve Strack (Baseball)

Class of 2003

Kevin Bos (Wrestling)

Debbie Jordan (Women's Bowling)

Class of 2004

Al Grimes (Wrestling)

Robert Meidenbauer (Men's Bowling)

George Pendleton (Men's Basketball)

Class of 2005

Paul Churder (Wrestling)

Robert McKeown (Baseball)

Michelle Milleville (Women's Basketball)

Class of 2006

Shelly Ann Bullgreen (Women's Bowling)

Rick Dehlinger (Baseball)

Greg Fisher (Baseball)

Class of 2007

Dave Nemi (Baseball Coach)

Meredith Reid (Women's Soccer)

Dan Uhteg (Wrestling)

Class of 2008

Joel Feagin (Men's Basketball)

Brad Rowe (Wrestling)

Wendy Thompson (Softball)

Class of 2009

Michelle Capen-Jennings (Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Softball)

Rashad Evans (Wrestling)

John Fuerch (Men's Basketball, Men's Track & Field)

Class of 2010

Sheri Brooks-Lancaster (Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Softball)

Donna Jean Crum (Athletic Trainer)

Jonathan Hoover (Wrestling)

Class of 2011

Gail Tylec (Women's Volleyball Coach)

Class of 2012

Ricardo Jackson (Men's Basketball)

Class of 2014

Dave Yaksich (NCCC Student Life)

Class of 2015

Kyle Schmelzle (Wrestling)

Class of 2016

Erin Whitehead-Stillman (Women's Basketball, Softball)

Class of 2018

Lee Wallace (Athletics Director)